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Financial Aid at American High School

American High School is committed to enrolling a diverse, talented, and highly motivated student body. We seek applications from exceptional young people, regardless of family financial resources, and welcome families from all walks of life who believe in their children's ability to succeed. Financial circumstances should NEVER prevent you from applying to attend American High School.

How The Process Works

Call 1-866-936-9654 today to speak to an admissions counselor, and mention that you would like to apply for the tuition assistance program.

Approximately 85% of our students receive some form of financial aid, however we recommend that you do not wait as a limited amount is available during each enrollment period. The earlier you call and get in the system, the more likely you are to receive the maximum amount.

When you call, you can request evaluation for either need or merit assistance, however only one will be awarded if you quality for both. The larger award amount will be selected by default and applied to your tuition owed.

Types of Assistance Available

Because every family cannot afford the level of high-quality private education American High School provides, we make several forms of financial assistance available to help close the gap between the costs of attending and your family’s ability to pay, including:

To apply for financial aid, call
1-866-936-9654 to speak to an admissions counselor, and mention that you would like to apply.

We are available:
Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST
toll free: 866.936.9654

1. Tuition payment plans
2. Needs based tuition reduction plans and scholarships
3. Needs based tuition reductions for multiple enrolled students
4. Merit based tuition reduction plans and scholarships

As a leading private school, American High School provides an outstanding educational value. We understand that your family is making an investment in your child or children’s future. Our goal is to ensure that every young person who desires a high-quality private education has the opportunity to attend despite any financial difficulties his or her family may experience.

Application for tuition assistance will in not influence the selection process for acceptance into American High School. The Administration and Board's goal is to give all qualified students, regardless of financial resources, an opportunity to attend AHS.

Financial aid is generally awarded to a student over all enrolled years, but is subject to the student maintaining academic and disciplinary requirements and the family meeting their financial requirements.

Needs Based Tuition Assistance

Need-based tuition assistance is available to all families who qualify on a first come first served basis each enrollment period. We award financial aid to attract qualified individuals who could not otherwise afford a private college preparatory education. American High School is committed to socio-economic diversity and ensuring that students are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives. This allows students to increasingly debate, discover, and expand upon their knowledge of the world. Achieving this greater understanding is critical to preparing students to succeed in every aspect of life. We urge you to apply even if you have concerns regarding your ability to pay tuition. A number of factors are considered to determine whether or not a family will qualify for financial assistance. These factors include household size and income.

Merit Based Tuition Assistance

Merit based tuition assistance is granted to applicants who demonstrate excellence in academic or extracurricular pursuits. Applicants should indicate on the application for admission whether they would like to be considered for merit scholarship.

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We are so confident in our academic program that we proudly offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied within the first five days of enrollment, we will immediately refund your tuition. American High School gives you a risk-free opportunity to better your future. Enroll Today!